Artist Statement

I am an artist and a storyteller. The premise of my work is to communicate, which is achieved through the use of symbolism, literary reference and text. My work is figurative in nature and has social, cultural and environmental implications. I delve into the archetypes and how they are manifested through the environment and personal objects to create a narrative.

Each story has its own inherent approach, hence, working in a variety of media has expanded my conceptual approach of the layering of meaning by finding compelling new ways to communicate. My newest work explores the relationship between new technology and our humanity by combining polymers and natural materials.

Visually and conceptually, my work expresses a constant tension between nature and technology, light and dark, life and death, perception and reality, past and present.

The stories and subject matter that characterize my work have the sensibility of an intimate conversation, and yet express universal and archetypal truths, that move beyond the personal and engage the viewer to ask questions.