2020         Winging It with Heather Gentleman, Winging It Productions, October 27, 2020
2019         Sarah Ryan, “The Eternal Smile: How words inspire”, New Blood Art, April 10, 2019
2017         In the Studio. Heather Gentleman – MA Fine Art,  August 22, 2017 : 
2014         Sarah Dunn, “Sounding the Sirens”, Local Magazine, April 16th, 2014
                  Natasha Milijasevic, “Mythmaking: The Movement Needs Muses.”, Alternatives Journal, Oct    
                  “Black and White Ball IV”, Art Toronto,ca, January 30, 2014
2005          Terry Davidson, “This Artist Isn’t Starving. Heather Gentleman is Part Painter, Part
                  Entrepreneur”, National Post, October 2005
2003         Bravo BookTV Interview,  Nov 24, 2015


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