This body of work is inspired by a statue of Mary in Pouch Cove, surrounded by a dense thicket of thorns. Mary, mother of God, stands stoically, her arms outstretched, giving of herself unconditionally, saying, “yes” to all who ask of her. The juxtaposition of her smooth hands and the menacing prickly thorns brought into consideration the roles of generational servitude passed down through mother to daughter and the ensuing sacrifices and suffering.  Wounded and acquiescing, these yieldings are seen as virtuous and are revered in both religious and secular constructs. This work is deeply personal as the residency allowed for a respite as caregiver for Heather’s elderly mother which fell solely on her shoulders.

The drawings are referenced from photos of the Heather and her mother as babies, her mother and herself, and her grandmother and mother. The depictions of Mary and thorns are taken from the Pouch Cove site, as well as the thorns on the bowl.

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