The Veiling


A beautiful baby is born and all are rejoicing. The maiden sends a message to the king announcing the news via the royal messenger. The devil, however, has been keeping close watch. He is not only attracted to the dark and evil aspects of humanity, but also the light. The maidens tears kept the devil away the first time. But this time, she is unaware of him, and so he is able to do his dirty work quite unhindered. When the messenger grows tired from his long journey, the devil whispers into his ear and changes the message to the child is half dog. The king is abhorred by this announcement, but he loves the maiden and hence, he sends the message to his mother to care for her at this difficult time. Again, the messenger falls asleep and again the devil whispers in his ear and changes it to kill the maiden and the child and keep her eyes and tongue as proof. The devil not only doesn’t want the maiden to feel, he doesn’t want her to see or speak as well. The king’s mother is shocked and instead kills a doe and keeps the eyes and tongue. She then binds the child to the maiden’s breast and sends her into the forest for she feels she is no longer safe in the castle.